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26 Feb 2014

A disease that affects the joints is called arthritis. It is the major reason why the elderlies become physically impaired and people who are 55 years old and above usually have this kind of disease. Arthritis come in different forms. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis and next to it is rheumatoid arthritis. There are also some types that affect the young individuals. This is brought by the malfunctioning of one of the several parts of any joint. In general, the organ that is affected the most is the basis for diagnosing the type of arthritis.

Stiffness in the joint that is unusual, inflamed joints, swollen joints, chronic pain in the joints, and tenderness in the event that pressure is applied are some of the symptoms of arthritis. It is possible that lumps of tissues below the skin develop in the rheumatoid condition. Unluckily, it\\\\\\\\’s still can\\\\\\\\’t be cured until today. Yes, it is not easy to deal with but on the brighter side, you can still undergo to some of the available treatments. Aside from analgesics and other prescribed drugs, you can also go for laser therapy which can be a good selection for alleviating pain.

The inflammation and swelling is lessened through laser therapy. In the affected part, there is greater blood flow and entire circulation. The cells are able to find their chemical balance with the help of laser therapy. For this reason the cells are reactivated and the healing process starts. You will feel less pain because the tendons, muscles and ligaments have a support network that is renewed.

An overview of Class IV Therapy

The laser devices has four classes and these are Class I, Class II, Class III and Class IV. The power which they emit is their distinct feature. The high-powered therapy is the Class IV. Class IV therapy is a procedure that is not painful and non-invasive, and it is done in outpatient wards. In addition, it is a procedure that is safe, effective, does not have any side effects and is convenient. Laser Therapy services is offered by Oriole Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center Inc. in North York.


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